Animals and Animal Sounds: Game for Toddlers, Kids 1

“Animals and Animal Sounds” is one of our new learning games for kindergarteners in which little kids learn animals and animal sounds for babies. Being bright and funny, such educational animal games will demonstrate wild and domestic animals for kids. At the same time, amusing animations will contribute to a better remembering and learning animals for kids.
The main advantages of our learning animal games for kids:
– Kids learning animals – a horse, a bear, a panda, a raccoon, a giraffe, a cow, a crocodile, a rhinoceros, a sheep, an elephant. With the help of the animal games for kids your baby will get to know farm animals for toddler (a cow, a horse, a sheep) as well as wild animals. Moreover, these educational games for kids include animals for toddlers from different climatic zones. For example, a bear and a raccoon live in Coniferous, Deciduous and Mixed Forests, while such animals for kids like a crocodile and a rhinoceros inhabit Tropical Forests.
– Animal sounds for kids learning – when your baby clicks on animals for toddlers and kids, he or she will hear animal sounds for kids which each animal produces. All the animal voices are as close as possible to the natural. It will give the most correct presentation of how different animals for children “speak”. As a rule, little kids are delighted to hear animal sounds for toddlers, and try to repeat animals sounds for kids with pleasure. Therefore, such educational games for toddlers with animal sounds for babies with pictures will cause a lot of smiles and laughter.
– Baby learn animals with the help of entertaining and merry animations. These vivid animations will help animals for kids learn and demonstrate what different farm animals are good for. For example, playing our animals games for kids games your child will get to know that the cow gives milk, the horse carries weights, and the sheep gives wool. Wild animals for kids free will also show the peculiarities of their life in the wild nature.
– Animals and animal sounds for kids learning free is available in several widespread languages of the world – English, Spanish, Russian and some others. Our animal games for toddlers are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and distinct diction. So, playing animals games for kids free in foreign languages your baby will learn many foreign words. It will not only enrich your child’s vocabulary and widen the horizon, but it will also be useful for learning foreign languages in the future.
– While playing our educational games for kids kindergarten your toddler will train fine motor skills, imagination, assiduity, attentiveness and other qualities and skills that will help study better at school.
– Like all our educational apps for toddlers, you can download our first animals for baby for free. Such learning apps for kids as our free animal games for kids save your family budget and allow to develop and educate your baby with the help of learning games for kids of high quality.
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How to play our educational apps for kids kindergarten with animals:
All our educational games for 4 to 5 year kid and younger have a very simple, clear and intuitive interface so even the youngest children will not have the slightest difficulty to do deal with “Animals for Toddlers and Kids”. The animals appear on the screen of the smartphone in turn. For example, a charming cow with spots is walking out onto a flower meadow with chamomiles. When clicking on the cow, your baby hears its name in the chosen language. To hear the moo, your kid needs to click on the cow again. There is a variety of animations illustrating the life of each animal. In case of the cow your toddler will see that it gives us milk. In this way your baby learns the rest of the animals of the game.

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

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