Pixelmon GO Mod APK Want to have an alternative Android game to Pokemon Go Apk?? Then, Pixelmon GO – catch them all! Apk Mod  is here for you. Pixelmon Go Mod Apk is an augmented reality game! just like Pokemon Go Game where you need to find and search Pixelmon’s in the real world and catch them. The surroundings around you is you play field where you need to give your best in finding these amazing Pokemon like creatures called Pixelmons. In Pixelmon Go Apk you will need to find more and more Pixelmon’s by searching it in your surroundings and make a great collection of these Pixelmon’s. The more Pixelmon’s you have the better it is to beat other Pixelmon Go players in the battles. The more powerful the Pixelmon of yours the easier it is to beat the other players Pixelmon’s. Sounds like Pokemon Go isn’t it? Well, Pixelmon Go is a mirror or can say an exact copy of the Pokemon GO, the only difference is the name and the gaming characters are made of pixels and look different yet quite the same. You might find a few changes in the game compared to Pokemon Go but, everything else is the same as the Niantic made Pokemon Go. The Pixels also remind you of Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk.

Search for and catch Pixelmon’s! These astonishing creatures inhabit probably the most surprising locations of the true world. With the assistance of the phone camera, it is possible for you to see them. Throw a Pixelcube at them to catch them! Acquire all of them!

Battle in opposition to different gamers with the assistance of your Pixelmons. The one who will handle to profit from the advantages of their Pixelmon’s will win the struggle! Bear in mind the primary guidelines of fights between Pixelmons:

. Fire devours nature
·   Nature absorbs storm
·   Storm puts out fire

Pixelmon GO - catch them all! Apk Mod

Pixelmon Go Mod Apk

Pixelmon GO Apk Mod Mod Money- Features:

– This is an augmented reality game!
– The playground is the real world!
– Look for and catch Pixelmons! You can build up the full collection!
– Tactical battles: a winner is the one who forms his army better
– The game is absolutely free and doesn’t require any investments!
– Choose skins from presets and enjoy new skins for Minecraft – Pocket edition for free.

It’s time to embrace adventures by playing in the real world!

Pixelmon GO

Pixelmon GO – catch them all! Apk Mod

Pixelmon GO Apk Mod

Pixelmon GO – catch them all! Apk Mod Mod Money

Pokemon Go Hack

Pixelmon Go Hack

Pixelmon GO

Pixelmon GO Mod Money Apk

Pixelmon GO – catch them all! Apk Mod 1.9.37 Mod Money

  • Apk Updated: August 25, 2016
  • Apk Installs: 1000,000 – 5000,000
  • Requires Android: 4.2 and up
  • DeveloperSmiley Zombie

WHAT’S NEW With Pixelmon GO – catch them all! Apk Mod:

  • New pixelmons added.
  • Starter kit of skins for pixelmon trainer added. Now, the new skins can be found not only in hiding-places.
  • Physical properties of pixelcube throwing improvedNew ability available:
  • New ability available: pixelmon super strike!
  • You can change your nick name
  • Interface design updated. The game has become even more friendly.
  • Stability of the application improved
  • Mod Money


Pixelmon-GO- Mod-apkreal.com.apk

Older Version:


Pixelmon Go (Playstore Version)


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