Fly Gps Apk Download for Android with built-in Pokemon Go Hack lets you spoof locations on Pokemon Go without rooting your phone and adds joystick controls while playing. Pokemon Go has got people out of their homes and off their couches searching Pokemon’s in their area/locality. Pokemon masters are walking miles just to find their favorite Pokemon’s and for the love of the game. But, what if you’re just tired walking long distances or you need to stay home or you are sick or broke your leg while searching Pokemon’s??? Don’t worry, now you can go hunting Pokemon’s right from your couch using this latest Pokemon Go Hack which doesn’t require your Android device to be rooted (no root) and works like a charm.

This is a full working hack of Pokemon Go which will let you spoof your location so that you can try your luck in finding Pokemon’s at different locations along with a Joystick control so that you can walk through the location finding Pokemon’s and Pokestops.

Following are the steps you need to follow to get the Fly Gps Apk hack working for you:

  1. Install the latest version of Pokemon Go on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Now, install the Fly Gps App from the link below. This is the location spoofer application which has a built-in hack for Pokemon Go.
Fly Gps Download Android fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android 20160805222002727

Fly Gps Apk

3. Now you need to enable developer options. For this go to Settings >>About Phone>>Build number and click on the Build number 7 times. Now, you have the developer options enabled.

4. After these steps, Go to Developers options in the settings and scroll down to “Allow Mock Locations” and turn it ON and select Fly Gps.

5. Now, Go to Settings>>Location and make sure it is set on High Accuracy. And also enable location history.

20160805560759803 fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android 20160805560759803

fake gps fly gps

6. Open Fly Gps App on your device and select a location where you want to spawn. It is always a good idea, to begin with, the location where you are right now, to avoid any ban. You can later spoof other locations as well. But make sure you don’t jump around to far away locations in a shorter duration of time which might cause suspicion and lead to a ban.

7. Once, you have selected a location on the Fly Gps app, the app will ask you to “Please select the menu“. Click on it and a menu appears. Click on the “GPS service Run” option. Once you click on it another menu opens with three options. Select “JoyStickLocation Mode- (Pokemon)” 20160805-1790494690 fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android 20160805 1790494690

201608051078576176 fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android 201608051078576176

fly gps apk android

Fly Gps Apk fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android 20160805 1640208085

Fly Gps Android

8. The Fly Gps service will start now and display the Fly Gps icon along with a transparent Joystick control on your Android screen.

fly gps apk fly gps apk Fly Gps Apk For Android IMG 20160805 165331

fly gps app download

9. Now, Go ahead and open Pokemon Go on your device.

10. You might encounter the “GPS signal not found” message in the game. If you encounter it go to Settings>>Apps>>Pokemon Go and turn on location for Pokemon Go.

NOTE: You will need Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 Marshmallow as Fly Gps Apk app Only Supports Marshmallow!

Fly Gps Download:

Pokemon Go Apk v0.39.0 Fly Gps

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