Here’s the Claro APK Android puzzle game full game free download. Perform through amazing, zen- such as sides that are tiny where you falsify a sapling to develop in every one of the 38 questions. TODAY WITH COMPLIMENTARY WINTER EXPANSION.

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Every puzzle feels like a unique, hand-crafted tiny world floating in the sky. Making excellent use of VR, you are put right into a responsive, tangible, elegant place. A perfect introduction to VR for anyone! Frequent updates ensure the title continues to improve and take advantage of the latest VR has to offer. This is a very nice, relaxing, and beautiful game. I hope the other reviewers who rated it poorly (for ridiculous reasons, in my opinion) give it another shot.

Claro APK. MOD Updated/Latest Version:

The overall experience is smoother & more pleasant - sounds, animation speeds, new sun trail!
- continue a chapter from the last played level!
- Winter Expansion available after completing chapter 3!
- new beautiful sounds = even more zen
- tree location got new visual treatment
- can jump between levels within a chapter
- the trees got new colors and shapes in the later chapters
THANK YOU for playing, another free update is coming! We love feedback: [email protected]

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Really a great way to start my weekend morning. Relaxing yet challenging enough to wake me up. Can’t wait for more content!


    Every problem is like a unique, handcrafted miniature planet flying in the skies. Creating excellent utilisation of VR, you may be set directly right into a reactive, solid, location that is refined.
    Utilising the Day Dream control, controls that are intuitive allow you move items and to control the place of the Mild. It is often built to not be difficult for everybody to love to get and finish.
    Sound supplies a foundation that is rich, making a calming experience and emphasising every activity.
    This is an ideal opening to VR for anybody! Regular revisions ensure the name proceeds to enhance get the most out of the newest VR provides.

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